Has virus come to your computer and is destroying your data ?
Then what can you do ?

One thing that you should remember is that most of the data is now damaged and you can't restore that as well, but some data can be saved depending on the your reaction you take for solving the Here are some of the simple steps that you can do

to minimise the effect of virus. Following steps can be taken to protect your files :

1.Firstly, uninstall the antivirus.
Actually the antivirus is more responsible for damaging your computer rather then virus because it deletes all your .exe files immediately after it discovers any virus.
2.Now look for all your important files and folders which you want to protect.
3.Compress these files and folders.For example:create there rar files.
4.Now you have 2 copies of each file and folder(one is folder and other is its rar file). install a good antivirus.
6.Update it via internet.
7.Then scan your pc.
8.One thing you should remember is that you should uncheck the 'Scan Archive files' Tab to keep your important files saved.
9.The antivirus will now scan and and clean your computer.
In case the anti virus blocks or deletes your .exe files from your Windows folder,then you are in trouble, because the next time you start your computer,then it will show a blank screen.
Then you will have to install a new copy of windows.
If you don't have a copy of windows and don't want to delete your program files,Games and .exe file from your pc then its solution is to simply uninstall the antivirus.
You can then enjoy playing all your games but you then keep in mind that the data in your pc should not be transfered to another place ie. don't cop paste any data from a pen drive or cd.

NOTE:This solution may or may not work in  your computer.
The website does not guarantee any positive or negative outcome.

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