SHUT OFF-'The server's security certificate is not yet valid!' message-Google Chrome Error

This error mainly comes when the date and time of your computer are not set correctly.The browser will show yo the message-'The server's security certificate is not yet valid!' when you try to open your mail or social networking site or any other site.To shut off this message,here is the solution
SOLUTION-Just correct your date and time of the computer and this error will dissappear.


Anonymous said...

here is teh thing i dont want to change my date and time settings due to some software issues....... so is tehre any other alternative solution for this problem

BM Creations said...

May be this solution could solve your problem of 'The server's security certificate is not yet valid!' if you are using Internet Explorer :
1.On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2.On the Advanced tab, in the Security section, make sure that the Check for server certificate revocation check box is cleared.
3.Make sure that the Use SSL 2.0 and the Use SSL 3.0 check boxes are selected.
Click OK.

Anonymous said...

doesnt wrk

Anonymous said...

hey thanks BM CREATIONS . it really worked.....