What it means
globeThe site isn't using SSL. Most sites don’t need to use SSL because they don’t handle sensitive information. Avoid entering sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, on the page.
Lock icongreen https
Google Chrome has successfully established a secure connection with the site.Look for this icon and make sure the URL has the correct domain, if you’re required to log in to the site or enter sensitive information on the page.

If a site uses an Extended Validation SSL (EV-SSL) certificate, the organization's name also appears next to the icon in green text. Make sure the browser is set to check for server certification revocation to identify sites with EV-SSL certificates.
alert icon yellow https
The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected insecure content on the page. Be careful if you’re entering sensitive information on this page. Insecure content can provide a loophole for someone to change the look of the page.
alert icon red https
The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site’s certificate. Don’t enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could indicate that someone is attempting to tamper with your connection to the site.

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