DISABLE PHOTO TAGGING for New Facebook Version

NEW METHOD TO DISABLE PROFILE  TAG for New Facebook Version for your profile:
Here are few simple steps to disable Photo Tagging for your profile :
1. Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Privacy Settings :
facebook disable photo tag

2.Click on  Edit Settings for ‘How Tags Work

3.Click on Tag Suggestions 'When friends upload photos like you'.
facebook disable photo tag

4.You will see ‘Suggest tagging you when friends upload photos that look like you’.
5.On the right side, select Disabled.
facebook disable photo tag

6. Click on OK > Done.
7.Your Picture(profile) tagging is now turned off.
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Anonymous said...

i already disabled that but my friends still can tag me.. through manual tagging

BM Creations said...

Ok, let me find another solution...Thanks for the comment.
I will update a new method very soon.